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NiceVibes is a family business. We create dolls and accessories to develop children's emotional intelligence through the play.

Stores are overcrowded with toys, but few of them develop children’s emotional intelligence, creativity and imagination. Observing the visitors of toy stores, we realized that the choice of goods follows certain fashion trends and the intensity of broadcast advertising. Is such toy really necessary and useful for a child? Then came the idea to create a doll that would become not only a child’s friend, but also a tool to convey emotions and states through colors.

The products range includes: handmade dolls, sets and accessories. Dolls are the main products. They were created with the help of psychologists and teachers in accordance with the principles of naturalness, harmony and simplicity. The mood of the doll on the face is not fixed, so it is easy for children to imagine and create an emotion for the doll. Doll's clothes are based on minimalism, but the color gamut includes the main colors, so the clothes not only perform a decorative function, but also help to express the emotional state of the players.

Dolls and accessories are made of high quality fabrics, so they are pleasant to touch. 

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