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Game ideas

Let‘s play role-play game!

What is a role-play game?

The main principle of the game is the spontaneity of different scenarios.

Steps of the game


  • allocate at least 10 minutes for the game. Find a space in your home or other environment that is lovely for you and your child, where you have the opportunity to communicate with each other sincerely and without disturbing others;
  • bring all the tools for the game. These tools can be: dolls, their boxes, dolls‘ clothes and other accessories. In addition, you can use other any toys.


  • play the game with the child together (but if the child wants to play alone - let it be. Perhaps this time it is a great opportunity to develop independence);
  • select or allow the child to choose the scenario of the game, the names of the dolls, the colors of the clothes, etc .;
  • do not overshadow the child, do not point - let the child dominate or at least be equal players;
  • communicate during the game and ask: who? where? when? how? why? Such questions encourage thinking and help to understand concepts;
  • take a tolerant look at scenarios created by children, especially if the children are creative.

Game completion:

  • let the child tell the end of the story. Don’t scold or criticize. Discuss “played out” situations and finally embrace!

Importance of role-playing game:

  • children develop social and communication skills, solve conflict situations, develop emotional intelligence, independence, reveal creativity during role-play game;
  • it is a great tool for parents to talk and hear the child, to stimulate curiosity, confidence, to educate and nurture.

It is important to understand that the child transfers his emotions, feelings and desires, relevant (life) situations to the game with the doll. It is perfectly normal for a doll to be depicted as angry or hilarious, to be dressed in one color or another. Don’t limit your child’s creativity!

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